Freitag, 21. Juli 2017

Gone too soon

And another one is gone too soon

There are so many people, and not only in the music scene, that go too soon!

Now Chester Bennington ended his life, a lot of people are in shock (again) and the records will sell better then ever.  


Why do peeple go too soon?
Is it a (mind) illness, that they can not stop, that ends their life before it is time?
Is it the person itself, who decides that it is time, and therefore for him(her)self the right moment, but for the rest of the people around them it still is way too soon?

I guess we never know exactly why people decide to end their life.  I do not think it is a free will, I am convinced that it is, for them, the only way that they see to get out of their life.

My first reaction is anger, because how does anyone dare to do this, to his beloved, to his family, to his friends?  There are plenty of ways that you can get help, so WHY do you do this to all the people around you?

When I calm down, I realize that the decission to end life too soon, is not an easy one.  What are the last things you think, the last things you do (aparrt from preparing your departure)?  

I can not decide for others, what is the best solution for their problems. I think that we all might have moments, on what we see no other solution then going ... too soon.  But most of us do not go too soon.  They do not have the guts to  go too soon. Or they do care too much, to let go.  When you want to go, and you can not go... 

Good, that are just a few reflections.  Every time I read a message, that one stepped out of this life, too soon, the memories come up, to people  that I know that did take such steps before. And I feel sad, because I know that there will be others that will follow. Too soon.

Now it is hes the singer of Linkin Park, and all the sudden he has a name that we won't forget.
Is he gone too soon?  Or does he live forever, in our hearts?  Maybe he does, for a while. And then he becomes a name, a number, and we slowly add him in the row, with the many others, like Janis, Jimmi, Bon, Kurt..... and all the others, that I just forgot...  but who are gone too soon.

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