Dienstag, 19. Januar 2016


Every day it gets more difficult to accept the world as it is.

When watching tv, when reading newspapers or the messages at twitter and facebook, I get scared, angry and sad.
What a world we are living in, and for all, where will it all lead to?

Terrorism seems to have succeeded in reaching their target. People are spreading hate and battle against each other, without being intrested in destroying the real evil.
Civil guards are battling against eachother to get the most power, and people like we, we wait, scared with every message of violence again.

The strange phenomena of publicity! 
The days that I read more, I get scared more.
The days I read less, I feel better.
On those days I am more open for what and who is around me.
Friends who are ill, people that share beautiful things, like photography, art, poetry, a smile, a friendly word.

Om those days I realize, that not the world is bad. 
Look around you, every day.
See the people that you are dealing with.
Are they bad?

Sure, bad things happen, but good things happen as well.

What, if there is war, and no one is going?

We should not make others responsible for the bad things that happen.
Because the bad things happen because we allow it.
When you hate your neighbours, you have a chance to change it.
And if you don't change it, don't point to them, first clean your own street. 
Again you have the choice, to put the trash in the bin, or to give it to others.

When you hate the violence of others, remember that you are doing and encouraging exactly that, when you choose to use violence as well.

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