Sonntag, 3. Januar 2016

another sunday

Another sunday

All those festive days at the end of the year, and then the start of the new year, it confuses me more then I am already from nature.  But, today, January 3rd, it is Sunday, and off from next week, we have a pretty normal routine again, anyway with regular weekends until next event (carnaval).

It was a grey day, I made a walk in the park, nothing special, just easy and calm. Of course there was something to photograph, and I think that this swan is my picture of the day.

The computer, still running,now on windows 10, what means that I can play music again. Metallica, folloowed by Roxette.  Yes I don't care what you think about that combination! :-)
Also, I won't cheer, but I really really enjoy being able to play some music. It are gettting more and more oldies, there is not much new coming to it anymore. I don't think there is many good new music. Some people might say Adele, but no, that is just music for now In a few years it will be all in the dust, just like so many.
But, what is nicer then digging now and then in the dust and discover some nice surprises again?

I still need to find that Metallica box set. I have no idea in what 'dust'  I can find it.

And it is about time to look for a hotel, in a bit more then 3 wweeks we need a place to sleep in our Capitol, it definitely is too cold there to sleep at the street :-D

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