Sonntag, 9. August 2015

I should write more

I should write more 

Because people like to know about me, as much as that I like to know about them
Because people are more important then a new level in my game, or that brilliant photo

I should write more

Because I do miss people
Because I can

When I start writing
The words fleed out of my fingers
No matter if it is with the pen or at the keyboard

My fantasy bubbles, the words chain together
More and more in a mix of 3 languages, that only I can understand
Only I

And my frirends
Who love to read my words
Who most likely not always get the clue
But who I love to see happy
and, appearantly, they me as well

I should write more
To Li, Tracy, my brother
I should write more cards

I should print that wonderful potograp 10 times
And write the backside full
Because I love to make you happy

I should write more
Even in whatsapp, or other messengers
To the daughter, who's mother did forbid her to contact me
and meanwhile did write me that she needs money
(no money, no friendly honey? )

Her, the mother I should write less. 
Just like that friend, 
That can not understand
That in silence I can be closer then ever
She did not get it, and will, never

Bye bye emotional blackmail
Bye bye selfish ego tripper

I should realy write more
And I can
And I shall

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