Montag, 4. September 2017

Be real, be you

Everyone knows the social media.  Children, parents, grandparents, eveyone has heared about Facebook, Twitter and more,  and, in our western world, a lot of us are using it.

A lot of people use the social media to expose their daily activities. Posting photos from holidays and friends, and sharing articles that they find intresting (and often they are not fake).  The social media is as well a platform to discuss opinion.


A discussion is only rarely possible.  If you post an opinion, there are always people who feel that they need to tell you soething about it. The more friends you have, the more people might disagree with you.

Messages are explained in the wrong way, or the reaction on the messages are out of proportion.
Post something about how normal it was to take water to school, when we were young, and there are people who tell you that water is for the dogs, that their kids don't want water  (and prefer energy drinks).
Post something about how to take care for refugees, and people start telling you that they are the problem and that they need to go.  Even when you  explain that you think that all people have the right to live in our country, some people love to put their brown pact talk on it and try to demolish your message.
Post a nice photo, eventually edit it a bit, and people will make a laught about it, take your photo and ruin it, because it si funny.

Well, it is not funny at all.   As most of you know I do not shut up, and I stand up when people treat other people without respect.   I don't care if you like it or not, I tell you how I see it and that is it!
In the social media it is  impossible to dscuss things in larger groups.
There are always people 'waiting'  to find a way to shovel you down.  Not with content, but with things like making jokes about spelling mistakes, outlook or your choice.
Isn't that disgusting? Why can't we just leave the other alone?  When I do not like what you write, or when I do not like your photo, I  can say something, in respect. I not need to throw with mud to you because your opinion is different than mine!  
Only when you are racist, or nazistic... therefeore is null tolerance!
And with that I also mean the people who say I am not a racist, I have nothing against foreigners...  BUT....     The but word is undiscussable.  You don't have something against someone, or you have.  There is no middle way.

I don't mind when you have another opinion.
I do mind if you treat me, or someone else, with disrespect.  Just tell what you feel, what you think, just like the other. Give each other the chance to react. Violence, in words, is probably even more hurting then a slap in the face.
Shut down your social media for a day. Go to meet people in real, and listen to them.  Do you react the same way to them as what you do on line?  

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