Mittwoch, 20. September 2017

Misreadings and prejudices

Don't worry, I will not go on politics today. Even when it is very close to the elections in our country, I like to leave that to another blog. What definitely will come!

I want to blog about how easy people misunderstand others.

Today it happened to me.  Many of you know that we, in our city, have the yearly marches and festivities of the 'schützenfest',  wherre many 'schützen'  celebrate.  Schützen, literarilly translated as shooter, have a rich tradition, what comes indeed from testing the shooting skills. Still one of the highlights of this festivities.  Google to find out more :P

Everyone who attended once, or read a bit, about the present Schützenfeste (there are many, here in Germany!) knows that it are big parties for the entire population. The Schützen /marksmen  with their parades, the people that watch, the funfair and more of it.  -

Now it seems that a few people were not so really informed about what a Schützenfest is, and they found it necessary to put anger, in the form of emoticons and remarks to the photos that I posted about this year's Schützenfest.
As being convinced 'vegan' and against any violence against animals, they found it necessarily to name all the Schützen '
A fine collection of ugly, brainless bastards'. 
I raised my eyebrows, smiled about it, and realized that they have no idea what a Schützenfest is about and what the Marks men nowadays do.  So, instead of defending them, I just shrugged and walked away with it. I not even find it necessary to explain what it is about.

If someone stands for something, (except discrimination, nazism and such), I think it is their full right to do so. And you always can comment when you disagree with things.  But why do you need to use such harsh words, for a thing that you do not understand?

I do not want excuses or so (I don't expect them!), but I want you to think, before you react.

When you are so disappointed in people, and love animals more then human beings, then it does not mean that you can not show respect for others.  Burn them down, but only, when you know what you are talking about. Else you are as scary as some world leaders.

That's it. Nothing to add!

-> here are the photos of the schützenfest <- a="" nbsp="">

 photos Sch+tzenfest 2017

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