Montag, 24. April 2017

Kiss the past

Kiss the past goodbye

Can you do it?

Sometimes there show up people in your life, who you like to forget, sooner or later. I do not think you meet them by mistake, I think you meet them to learn and continue your trip through life.

I know some people, who I can get upset with, with whatever move they make.  They now and then show as well up in my friends circle, and all I get from tthem is red spots, nervous breakdowns and the intention to react negative at all that they do or say. 

I get blind for them and take everything they do as negative. 

And people can say, Hans, leave them alone, they are not worth it. And I know that they are right, but it is as if I need such a 'sparring partner', for being nasty to.
The past weeks I noticed that I had such an attitude about someone who I personally know, again. I could resist to act in public, I kept calm (can someone pat me on the shoulder for that).  And when I was thinking about why I reacted such way, I suddenly gave up about searching for that why.  I tried to look to the person and see with an open mind why (s)he is acting that way.  It was an eye opener, because I changed my opinion. No longer I think that (s)he means bad with his/her behavior.

It looks like I now realize the other side of the meddle better, why people act the way they do.  I want to keep that feeling, looking at both sides, before judging.  Life is too short to put negative energy into it

Also, I kiss the past goodbye.  I not need to be angry with you, or feel frustrated. Because I am not you, and you are not me.  I love to live my life, the way I do, so you can do that as well.

For now it feels good. Maybe you can leave your past behind as well?

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