Donnerstag, 20. April 2017

A penny for your thoughts?

I think most of you read it, or heard it, the big news of the day.

Facebook is going to experiment with mind reading.  Officially it is said to be helpful, so that people can communicate faster (at FB). A mind reader could be able to write 4 times as fast as a fast typer.

People get already twisted about it. Faster, and better then the best machines, people see what  this all might mean for us.
What shall it mean, when FB can 'read our mind', and most of all what will it do with the information that they get?
That are the things that are not that much worrying me, yet.

I am more wondering about other things.  Like you now alreaqdy see with chats, messenger and short messages, people are writing fast, short lines, and the consequences of what they write they do not oversee.
See how the President of the United States is ruining things with tweets only.  Not thinking, just writing, and then afterwards he can say that he meant it different.
When our minds can be read and our words can be formed much faster then we (now) can write, what will happen then?  It might mean that words come faster into the publicity and that way we easily reveal our private side. We can react more emotionally, faster, less controlled.

We all know, or should know, that a written word remains much longer then a spoken word only. Especially digital, we rapidly loose control about where our words go to. I do not know who reads my blog, who shows it to others, who copies parts of it and where to, for what purpose.  I do not even want to THINK about that!!!

On the other hand. When you have problems with writing, and your mind is clear, then a 'mind reader'  is extremlely helpful in communication. It might even give you a chance to come into contact with people, socialize.

We shall see what it all brings. Technique is unstoppable. When we are too scared, and not allow this new challenges, then the chance is there that it lands into illegality. What might be much worse then controlled advanced technolocy.  Time will learn it, our children, and more likely our grandchildren, will learn to live with it. And might get scared about other, new technolocies as well.

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