Mittwoch, 16. August 2017

speak out

Until now I had some 'goodwill' for people who voted Trump, and are still in my 'friends list'.
I saw all their 'likes' at pro Trump posts in the past, and in wordfights on this subject, that I had they 'liked' against me. Freedom to do so, and if I care for people, I not need to delete them for a different opinion.

Now that even loyal Americans are in shock, and protesting, I see NO likes at all, when people shout out against racism and nazism.

What is this telling me about those persons?
And what should I do with them, now they sneakily and secretly show their support for racism?

Racism and Nazism (and a few things more) are an absolutely no go! Null tolerance for that.
So, should I 'help' the US Dictator and encourage a bigger hole between the two camps?

I refuse to use hate. I will talk. I will support EVERY resistance against discrimination, no matter in what country, no matter with who.

So, my silent friends, speak out. Tell me why you are supporting this moron, now he makes more and more clear what a monster he really is. Speak out. Show more guts then him, and discuss about it. Can you? Can you really? Then do it!

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