Montag, 14. August 2017

Relax about real eggs

Here in Gewrmany, and appearantly in more countries then we knew, there is a new food poisoning scandal.

There has been added toxical stuff to the chicken food, and that came into the eggs. Who exactly is to blame, there about are the big ones still fighting.

For us, as consumers, it means that we listen and look to the news with a guarantee to see some news about the eggs.  Some supermarkets do not sell them at all anymore, others just limited. And the hype came to people as well, as it used to be.

We don't want poisoned eggs, are the things that the press tells us to yell.  And of courrse we not need to poison ourselves, but hey.... this is happening for months already, and no one noticed it so far. Still, the experts tell there is no reason for alarm.  I think that there are still more things that poison us then the eggs, but ... let's keep with them :)

So, people not eating eggs anymore.  When I ook around, I see many people eating cake with their coffee. It not seems to be so that people all the sudden eat less of that baked stuff, what is created with .... eggsacly :)

And I should not wonder if there are people wiho discuss badly about eggs, while eating their cakes. :)

Let's just breath, relex (releggs?) and face the eality.  Things can taste wonderful, and then all the sudden, when you know what is in it, you can not eat it anymore?  

Sigh... don't let the media upset you.  There are other things that are more to worry about. Such as a president who allows white supremacy.   Damn!  Talking about rotten eggs!!!

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