Samstag, 19. August 2017

No hate

I guess that the title is 'catching'  you, and that you all agree with it.  No hate!

We not want hate in our life. But so far the theory. How much hate is there actually in your life?

Do you hate your work, your boss, the neighbours, taxes, government? Or maybe you hate your food, or the noise in the street?
Or do you hate yourself?

There are people who even hate people, because they are different, from different countries, that ultimate hate is called racism and I do not allow that in my life, not in real and not digital.

In my opinion there are two reasons to hate others. The first one is because you have no idea about the situation of the other.  The second reason, what is close connected with the first one, is a frustration, because the others are in a position that you want to be in.  

Hate is aweful. It makes you angry, it makes you blind and it brings solutions further away. Here the point why some 'world leaders'  are promoting and encouraging hate against others.  If you hate someone, and fight against him, you not need to solve your own problems. Then it is not you first, but it is first eleminating the other. And who is not with me, is against me (and needs to be eleminated)

Do we really want to hate others?  
Then, why do not stop it?
Why not listen to what others have to say? And if you disagree, say it?

I will always shout out against discrimination and I tell you why. 

Why not listen to the arguements of the other?  Why not try to understand why people are acting like they do?  Not in violence, but with respectful listening and asking?

It is up to you.
Hate, or try to understand. There is no way in between. When you disagree, that is fine as well. As long as you respect the opnion of the other.
Discrimination, Nazism, is not respectful. We not need that in our lives.  Don't accept that others put oil on the fire and make you hate.  Hate is never the answer. Love is. Love understands. Love matters. Just like coffee

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