Dienstag, 6. September 2016

in the shower

Let's talk about telephones!

I am from a generation that remembers how the telephone was hanging in the hall, and when you had to make phone calls you had to leave your comfortable seat and walk to that thing.

With a bit of luck you could sit next to it, but at our home the most comfort you could get was when you sat at the stairs, hoping that the cord was long enough to get not broken.

Yea grandson, that is how grandpa grew up.  We could not take the phone with us.  And, guess what, we used the telephone to communicate with eachother in spoken words.  There was no display on it, there was a disk with 10 holes, every hole according to one digit.  With dialing the number the telefone made klicks and the combination of clicks did lead to the proper number.  Analog area.

Nowadays telephones are something different. They can still make phone calls, but the main communication forms are (short) messages, typed or spoken, or in small clips. There are tools with what you can even have a video  conference with someone where ever in the world. As long as there is an inter-nerd connection.

Main use for telephones seem to be playing games, however.  That is also a way to contact with others (co-players)  and it has the advantage that you can play it at the moment that you like it, without that you need to wait for the other side to pick up.  There is always someone on line, world wide.
You can connect them 24/7, and that is great.

The other way around works as well.  There are no limits anymore, long ago (yes grandson, long ago, lol)  we knew that after 11 pm no one should try to contact another, because the other was sleeping.  Nowadays we cannot be sure, because, in other continents are other time zones. And of course your neighbor can play with people in other time zones as well and being awake too. So, a message is easily typed.

Or, you tell at the social media that you cannot sleep. I gurantee you that there is always someone else awke who responds (I know it from my own experience).

Smartphones are mobile. That is, when their batteries are filled, you can go everywhere that you like to go and then connect to someone else. Apart from the fact that the phones need to be recharged, almost at a daily base, the difference with the fixed phone out of the 60s is not that much. It is smaller and (they say), smarter while it can do so much more.

Things need to be soled, so, every few months a new type of 'smatphone'  is coming at the market. 300 Euro is a pretty normal price  for that thing and you must add a contract with a provider to it, else you cannot use it of course.

New features are always introduced. Cameras get more and more advanced, new 'smart phones'  include wide angle and stereo photography And the latest trend is that the (kind of) smart phones are getting water resistent.

So far, so good. I can understand the advantages of a water resistent Smart Phone, when you are in the rain and need a taxi. Or, if you need to inform the soccial media that it is raining :)
Marketing makers, however, have found a much smarter arguement to sell their product.

The new generation of smartphones....... hold on....  can be used ... drum rolls....
under the shower.


The last place that we were until now not able to use those things is finally conquered!  No excuses anymore, that you could not get at the phone because you were under the shower, from now on you can take that thing with you.

I am waiting desperately for the next generation of smart phones. I fear that they will include a digital soap pad.  Heaven saves us  that we can use it as toilet paper, but.. when I can think of it, the inventors long have found a way to do it, right?

Oh, I have to stop writing. My phone is ringing.  Ringing, grandson, is what the phone did in the 60s. There was a ring in it, that woke up the entire street with its loudness. And it sounded a bit better then your digital hiphop ring tone what has nothing to do with ringing at all!

By the way, you smell fresh, you have a new deo?   Oh... no... don't say that you have an app for it!!!

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