Mittwoch, 21. September 2016

world piece day

I think of myself as someone who 'fights'  for peace.

For all in the past I was active in the peace organisations, I did join protest events against all kind of violence. And I still hate guns I still think people should not be able to kill other people.

But, since the most powerful weapon lobby (the true rulers of the world) disagrees, and loves to earn more money with killing, there is only a little chance that the voice of me and the many with me, are heard. And when it is heard, it is shut up with all kind of forces.

Still, I won't give up. As long as I have the songs from John Lennon in my head, I will do what I can against the violence from people, not only against each other in war, but as well in child or animal abuse, and you can fill in the rest.

Today it seems to be world piece day.  I have not investigated, but I wonder who was the person who came up with that idea.
I do not understand it!

I do understand that you want attention for peace. I do understand that you are fed up with the violenc, but what is a 'wolrd piece day'  bringing?

This morning when I opened Facebook, and it jumped to me. World Peace Day.  And the radio talked about the bombings from Russian and the Assad Regime in Syria.
What does a world peace day do for the people who are starving in Aleppo?

What does world piece day do for the endles wars in africa?  What does world piece day do for the organisations (and eventually candidates for presidentship)? How many millions are not wanting peace, and promote hate and agression?

Are they impressed with a world piece day?   Just as the symbolic peace breaks in some wars around christmas, I see this not as a help for the people in war, but as a big promotion for people and organisations who are not able to simply make peace.
And then the need to tell me that I should be nice today?   Uhmm... why today?  Because it is tomorrow the national coffee day, then there is no time anymore to promote peace?

Come on, world.  This kind of 'days'  is purely promotion for people who do not take it seriouslly with peace.
Facebook. With the Peace messages when you log in.
And at the same time giving space to organisations who spread hate, agression, who support homophobia, cihld abuse and the countless adverts for war games.

Does it make sense? Do we need to follow those leaders, do we really need to get the 'us'  feeling while they are telling us so, today?

I do not trust such messages.

I stuck with the true messengers of peace. Such as the adorable Dalai Lama, who is one of the living examples of peace.  Not only in his words, but in his life. He lives peace and he shows us how peace can be.
I try it, in my own litle world. Be nice to others. And I fail daily. As long as I fail, daily, the peace in my world needs attention, 365 days in a year, 24 hous, 7 daaysj.

maybe.. you say that I am a dreamer
but I am not the only one!

---if you want to read what Wiki is telling  about 'world peace day' click at  THIS <--- about="" according="" day="" is="" nbsp="" p="" peace="" to="" what="" wiki="" world="">

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