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Let's talk about football, that is how we name Soccer in Europe :)

The wounds are not yet healed fully from the European Championship, and the countries are already starting to prepare for the next event, the world championship in Russia.

Now I can talk a few pages full about corruption and so more, but that is a bit boring, I leave that to the newspapers, they are better in that kind of things, what not really intrests me, I want to see the ball rolling at the grass (REAL grass, please!) and I want to see the best team win. :)

Good, back to  where it is about, Football.  I love it from as young as I can remember. I have been to many matches, standing behind the fence.  Of course first I dreamt to play at the other side, but my carreer came not further then a B team in our local football club, and in the end I was more injured then that I was playing. So, my smart decission was to leave the ball to the people who know how to play it without getting hurt too much. Or, who had a good medical team around 
I mean, mom did do her best, but it was differentt then having a team of specialists to take care of you when you drop down while the grass is a bit high.

Being part of the audience confrontated me with another phenonema, and that were the comments.
I remember some old men, smoking their cigars, hat at the head, analyzing the match even before it started.  -I realize those men probably were younger then that I am now.... -.

I can't imagine that (trainer name)  chooses van Duivenbode (player)  in the defense, that is NEVER going to work, that boy needs to learn to walk first..
Oh, wow... they passed the penalty area....  Maybe we shall tell them that they can shoot now?
Man, man, what a match,  EXIT  Trainer NOW!

And, when the corner ball was taken (I always stood close to the corner, because that was the place where you could see the players the best, yes, we STOOD 2 hours, and there was NO rooof above us, when it was raining we were as wet as the players :) )
And the old men took the possibilitiy then to give the advices.
PIET,  the number 4 is free, kick the ball to him...
or ... Frans, ask your trainer for a substitute!

The trainers were standig at my side of the fennce it seemed, and if you saw that for the first time, you could be impressed by the knowledge of those old stomps.
When you came regurarily, you noticed that the analyzes were just halfway. It was never good, what was done at the field, the trainer was always to blame, and when the team wan (it happened!!) then it was only because the opponent did fail.
Funny enough those men all had season tickets and never missed a match, no matter how bad it was in their opinion.

Things changed.  The old men are gone, I am their replacement, but I won't go to the stadium anymore. Paying too much for a seat so far from the field that you hardly can see the ball rolling, having to buy over prized sausages of what I should be ashamed to serve them at home.
In times of football tournaments  people gather together for large screens to watch, and to comment the same way as in earlier days, next to the line.

And,and there we go again to the theme,  the internet helped as well.  We can watch collectively the same games and comment from our armchair to what is happening. That is what is happening, and guess what I see for comments?

Comeo on (home team) beat those FF ing (opponents)  and send them home.
The referee has nooooo idea what he is doing!
Amd at the end of the match the team of the 'sub trainer'  at the PC is similar to that of the old men with their cigars.  A change of the trainer, anoter position for the defender...

I smile at those comments. Sometimes they are really rude and even tending to provocate  other teams more then in a friendly way.
Such as yesterday. When Sweden played against the Netherlands.  And someone really went bad, before the match, that his team has to beat the dutch...
Instead of joining the confrontation, I reacted like, welll, the Dutch are not good at the moment, so do not over rate when your country wins ...

You can imagine the smile at my face, when I saw his comment, at the end of the match, with was simply telling 1 - 1.  :)  It will be a long road to Moscow for some countries :)

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