Sonntag, 8. Oktober 2017

stop hate!

Here below is a piece of poetry (ahem) that I posted at facebook, and what, at this moment is fitting for me exactly how things are going.

There are people, politicians (or so called ones), that have no other option then drifting people out of each other. They preach and promote hate, and then stand up as the solver of the problems that they made by themselves.

I confess guilty. I am doing such as well. At the moment that someone is promoting hate, or discrimination, on race, sex, or whatever, then I get furious. I react sometimes more fanatic then I want to. I promise myself, here again, that I will take care, and try to be a bit more kind.  But how can I be kind to a racist or a war maker?

The first, impulsive, reaction, when people act like this (no go.ers) is, that I want to kick them away. I need no racists, I need no nazis, go away!!!
But that reaction is wrong. It is understandable, but it is wrong!

I want to talk with people. I want them to listen to my different view. I want to talk with them about our different visions. Because only when we understand each other, when we talk, we have the chance that our opinion changes and that we come closer to each other.  No, I will NOT come closer to discrimination, NEVER!!!, but only with talking we can understand each other.

I try better, and I do succeed in this attitude better. I do not run away so easy anymore, and now the things are turning around, in that the others run away.  Why?  Because I keep on telling them that I see things different. Becauee I keep on telling them that I like them to listen to my side of the story. Just listening, more I do not ask. Just listening, to try to understand each other.
Now they wont, they don't and they run away, with saying, I hate it, that you constantly attack our leader (as if they personally know him, as if he can not defend himself).  Well, yes, it is an attack on HIM, but it is trying to let YOU understand why I think that he is no good!  And if you don't want to hear that, if you continue in defending someone wiho is racistic, and continueously discriminating people who think different, then you are not a bit better.

I am allergic for the line... I am not a racist, but.... I am not against foreigners, but...
Well?  You are against or not!  No compromises!
 Here below my facebook posting.  The person involved did not only unfriend me, but blocked me, so that she can not read my opinion anywhere. So fast a friendship can switch to hate.


oh oh...... someone could not stand my critical notes at Agent Orange, and punished me with a block. I think that is the wrong way to try to learn to understand eachother. One racistic supporter left at tle list. I still can not understand why they not want to talk. Scared? I think so.
Thank you, Agent Orange, you drifted another couple of people out of each other, you fool. It won't help you, but I feel sorry for your loyal follower, who has to end up a friendship. You, orange one!

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