Mittwoch, 7. Oktober 2015

Chatting in Satty's style

Those of you who have a dog, you know how it works when you are on the go with it. There is always someone who says hello, who makes a short chat or asks questions.
Maybe those of you who have a camera know that feeling as well.  I have no dog, but the camera, and it happens often that I meet people who do notice that.

Lines like, o, what a nice camera (thank you!), are you reporter (no, else I had pictured you already 20 times), I am used to them and I seriously will need to make a 'business card', because it is so much more easy to give that, then to tell them the name of the website and email.

Who follows me a bit, knows that I am often in 'the park', at minimum 1 time a week for my 52 pictures (today is the day again), and when I walk that block, the chance is big that I meet one or more photographers. In the meanwhile we know each other a bit beter, we go photoshooting in the area together, it is a nice way to 'meet people'  who have the same intrests.

Not long ago I was having a chat with an elder man (hm, I have to notice that he might have been my age, LOL),  who was pointing at the fallen tree in the water, where I was looking at.

Do you like that?  He asked me.
Yes, I replied, it is wonderful, the birds and other animals have a great place there and that is beautiful as well to photograph

Hm, the man said. You seriously like this trash?  They (no idea who he meant with that)  should have cleaned it up here long ago.
Well, I said, I do not agree with that.  This tree did bring back a lot of the nature, in the park, it is a natural thing what more belongs there then the beercans and pizza boxes that I see. (and, just to get at the nerves of that man,  I did pick up a pizza box and put it in the waste bin).

Hm, he said, it is disgusting. Yes, I said, people should value the things better and take care that they clean up their waste, before pointing to others.
Oh, the man said, then you sure are one of them (.. whoever) that do not mind all those strangers in the park as well.  
Well, I said, i assume you mean the refugees. I know a few of them and they are realy nice, did you know they use their mobile telephones to talk with me and others?

By the way, I never saw you before here in the park, for me you are more a stranger then those friendly people that are guests in our city.

The man did turn around and went away.  Maybe I  said something wrong?

Th birds, the fishes, and the nature, did look all a bit more happy, after this, or was that just my illusion?

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