Montag, 19. Juni 2017

Fake news

I just heard it, in the news messages, that 'they'  are considering to put fake news sooner out of the (social) media.  What a great plan that is!

But, when there are leaders, in countries, that  think that all the ciritical notes on them are fake news, then it gets dangerous.

Who decides what part of the news is fake?

It is already common, that news and even live broadcastings are filtered. Look to the football (pardon, I mean soccer) matches, they have a few delays so that we, the viewer, do not necessarily see when something uncool is happening at the tribunes.

Who decides what we see? Who decides what we should believe and what not?

The only truth that I see is around me. The people in the street. The tram with a delay. A chief who treats his crew like slaves.
Look at the world by yourself. Do not judge too soon about things that you have not seen with your own eyes happening. 

And, be careful with spreading 'news', it might be fake.. or not?

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