Freitag, 23. Juni 2017

Facebook drama

When someone deletes me, without any comments, or with no reason, that is a bit strange, but okay, I accept that. Even when the person, a few days before, called me his brother. I asked his wife why it is that way, and she said that it is his matter, not hers.  What is true, of course.

When I delete someone, for no other reason then that we never contact with each other, then that person all the sudden asks why, and I tell it, just like I wrote it here.

Then, she does not really understand why,  just that there is no reason at all, but okay, it seems she accepts it as well.   Until, a few minutes later,  her partner (who is actally the one who deleted me without any comments), shows up and starts a very agressive chat.

I go back to my friend of 91.  Who has burnt his leg, poor grumpy soul.
Burning a candle for who needs it.  Even for that couple.   I like my cleaned up Friends list!

and tadammmmmmm....  now martine pascal weytjens peters blocked me.  :-)

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