Montag, 26. Juni 2017

9 years

Today Facebook told me that it is exactly 9 years ago that I joined Facebook.

Wow!  Time flies when you are having fun.   In those 9 years a lot has happened, what I could not foresee, and I was thinking (yeah.... sorry for that!!)  about how the social media, facebook, influenced my life as well. 

One of the most important influences at my life, Facebook gave me in playing a game, called Mafia Wars. I met a few people through it, that I not want to loose, even now the game has passed away a time ago.
The other thing is the photography.  Thanks to Facebook I met a group of people, from what some really became good friends, what has a daily effect at my life.

There are a few other 'red lines' in my facebook carreer. One is, of course, Queen.  It hurts so much that I see people who call themselves Queen fans, getting excited from the Queen and AL  gigs. I mean, everyone can sing queen songs, but when a group names itself Queen, and then you hear the singinging as if the lead singer has a kind of bad throat infection... Oh well, enough said, I promised to behave this time in this.

That is a thing that changed as well. I am still having a sharp (written) tongue, and can tell the things that take your breath away (ha!). But I try to do it less.  Not that my opinion changed, but I try to hurt less people. If I want that others respect me, I should be respectful to others as well, right?

There are also shadow sides at facebook. When I see grown up people, who almost whine about things that happen, I wonder what a life they have.  In fact I know. They have what I had a while ago as well.
Get a life, or, get your life back. It is such a waste of time, if you get upset by people that think different then you! 
Life is too short for mimimimi, as we say in Germany  :) 

9 years of Facebook. I think I can make it until 10.  Yes, I can!  :). Thank everyone who unfriended me, or blocked me :) you made my life much more eaasy!  

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