Donnerstag, 10. November 2016

Waking up in a nightmare


A few days are gone.  I thought I was having a bad dream, but it is not so.

I woke up in the biggest nightmare that we could think of.

The biggest country in the world will be lead by a homophobic racist, who will encourage the use of weapons against everyone who is not with him.

His hate for people who are different, is so deep, that we not need to doubt that this will have consequences for the lifes of many of my friends as well.
When at the start we called him a clown, not to take serious, we now shall see how the monster reveals.  The longer the animal is out, the worse it will be.

And we know in Europe, that France (Le Pen), the Netherlands (Wilders), England, Austria, Hungary  follow.
We also know the power hunger of Russia and Turkey.

What the hell is happening to this world?
Did no one see this coming?
And don't say, oh, in 4 years not much can change. Read the history books.
78 years ago in Germany, people went out to attack the jews.  Now the world is out to attack all who are different.

It is too late to say that it won't happen here. It is happening under our noses. And maybe we, in Germany, are not yet getting under such horror regime, but we are part of Europe, we get to do with this and 'they'  get stronger and stronger.

Reason enough to be scared. World War III did arrive in the Western World. Where to it will lead? I have no idea, but I am very, very much scared.
When I think back about what I read in history books, what my parents and grandparents told about the war, I know that there were always people who resisted, who kept fighting and who, in the end, found the way out.

The world turns on, but there are very unpleasant changes for everyone. It will not stop when we turn the TV off. It happens in our street, in our shops, in the schools, everywhere.

Still it is different now. The world has become smaller.  The powers can unite easier now, with all the effects that belong to it.
I am scared like shit for what is coming up to us. I can not oversee it, but it is NOT good!

So, what to do now, now the tiran is chosen, democratic, and many have to fear about their future then ever before, worldwide?

We did let it happen. It happens, right now. -sigh- I still do not want to believe it...

Fact is, that it is more easy to unite powers then ever before, world wide. It escalates fast.
In that is as well a challenge.  Because when the evil can unite fast, the good can do the same.
The evil yells loud now. Their agression makes the suggestion that there is nothing else then their opinion, their will will rule.
Maybe it might rule... the world.  But will it rule the heart?
Is a child other then impressed when his parents yell at them? 
A scream is the sign of the one who has no hope anymore. It is an attempt to get things done without convincing the other that it is what they want, or need.

I refuse to listen to who screams to me
I want to hear what really matters
My friends. No matter from what cuontry. No matter who they love, how they look.  But it DOES matter how they are, how they treat me, others.  That is a thing on what I judge.
I shall never tolerate people who find other people less then themselves. 
I shall never tolerate the use of weapons against others
I shall never tolerate that people are abused for religion, outlook, sexual favors
I shall never tolerate that people that I love are being done bad.

Oh... maybe it is more important what I will do, then to mention what not.

I want to be free. I will speak my mind, freely. I will love who I want to love. I will try to be peaceful.  I shall read the works of the Dalai Lama a bit again. I shall try to live good. Give a smile to people around me.
I will fight for peace.
Peace in the world, peace in my heart
And the peace in my heart, can only be when I am happy and not need to worry about the future, of myself, of my friends.
I want to have hope, to give hope, to give a lifeworth life to everyone

Without that we need to flee to the other end of the world!

Not until then I shall fight.
My fight needs no weapons.
I use love, because I am convinced that that is the answer.

Maybe I am a dreamer...

Let this nightmare end, please

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