Dienstag, 22. November 2016

TIme to stand up

It is time to stand up.

It looks like the world is taken over by radical right wing activists, raciststs who have in nothng else intrest then in their power.

It is time to stop looking what is happening. It is time to say what is need to be said. Next to the strong believe that LOVE is the answer,  I think that it is good to reply to the ignorance, the people who have nothing then the words ofothers to hide behind, the people who think they are superior to others so that they can decide for others what to do.  Yuck, I get the creep already from writing it.

When the first people who congratulate the new president of the USA are the leaders of the KKK, that tells me that there is more then just something wrong. It is too late to wait and see, give 'him' a chance.
Why the hell should I give racism and homophobia a chance??

I try to add a few examples in my upcoming blogs about what is happening. What I see in the social communities, what I see around me.

Be scared, because it is more dangerous then smoking. And it happens world wide.

The festival events of the upcoming months are traditional the moment for wishing eachother good..

and some reactions.

Paul - Are you from f'in Mars?.. where I work, its "happy honaka" or "happy dewali" or whatever.......... Don't put up shit that tries to take away peoples cultural identities.... If your too ignorant to learn what festival is when, thats no concern of ours. p..s... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! (DEC 25th.., same every year, put it in your interdominational Diary....)
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Yvette  What the fuck did you read in this meme I posted that could possibly get you so damned upset!!?? Paul, maybe I need to go to fucking Mars to get away from angry ass fucktards like you. "Too ignorant to learn what festival is occuring..."??????? How the hell do I know, when I see a stranger what their heritage is and what holiday they celebrate?!! Being kind, smiling, and spreading peace and love by wishing people "Happy Holidays" is NOT something bad or worthy of your angry response. Who are you dude?!!
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Yvette   Spickard, Really? Are you that angry of a human being? I guess I don't really know you after all.

Hans Friedhoff
 the thing that is wrong with 'happy holidays' are the people that are upset with it. 

It has all to do with tolerance. Who can not accept wishes like happy holidays, should learn that the world is much more then their narrow minded view. 
Put away your non tolerance. Accept that the majority of the world is different then you.
Don't blame others for your own ignorance and pre-judges, look at yourself first.

I added a new status update, at Facdebook, and this is how I am going to do it. No idea why  the blog is acting so weird, but it won't  take me away from my plans :)

Life is all about balance, yin and yang. The light can not be there without the shadow.
I will stand up louder for justice, for peace, for love. For example in my poetry. And in my pictures.
I will stand up louder against homophobia, hate and racism. For example in my poetry. And in my pictures.
There is absolutley no place in my world for people who can not accept that others are 'different'.

Who does not like what I post, is free to leave. Do not just unfollow me. Be honest, show guts and act.

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