Montag, 31. Oktober 2016

Halloween and people

It is October 31st, and that supposes that it is Halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Not that we originally celebrated much, here in the western part of Europe, but, thanks to the commerciial influence of the USA, we now are overflooded with pumpkins, wichtches and brooms.  As if we need that!

You recognize this?

Or are you more or less excited about it all, and you like to party, and share this kind of things, to make sure that everyone is there at the right date?

In both cases I have to take away an illusion.   To start with the 2nd one..  Halloween is, like christmas,  date related.
Just like many people celebreate the Ocotober Fest in all monhts of the year, people can do the same with Halloween, but it does not take away the fact that it is not always Halloween.

Enough said to that.

Now about the tricks or treats, and all. I think not many of you have much idea of the origin of  Halloween. Neither have I, so, on days like this, I celebrate with reading a bit. Not too much, because I am rather a party pooper and I do not need to encourage commercial business.

So, for who really wants to kow what Halloween is about, I found a link.  I personally liked to read it, and maybe some of you do the same.
And maybe, very maybe,  some people stop posting this kind of rubbish, when they know what it is all about.

Happy Halloween, for who is celebrrating it. :)  And if you see me in the street, no, I am not dressed up, this is my natural horror face :)

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