Freitag, 8. Juli 2016

How to make people feel secure.

How to make people feel secure.

1. Build a wall around your country.  Check everythng what and who is coming in. Try to convince other countries that they should give you all information about behavior, political backgrounds and social state of their citizens, before they come to you.

2. Eliminate certain groups of people, for their gender, colour, religion or their skills.
Tell them that they are not welcome and should return home. Even when they are already generations long citizens in your country, whose parents and grandparents did build up the country.

3. Let  the people believe that the government) will take care for the security.
Take unpleasant measures, allow no one privacy anymore, with as arguement that 'our country'  will be safer then. Unpleasant measures for a good prupose. Let people believe that this works, and meanwhile work on your own political ideas to come true (who cares about people, you care about power)

4. Control the social media.
Let people write that the government is not good. Let people openly battle with eachother about yes or no for free weapons. Take care that the agression is held at a high level. Make the circumstances so that people keep on feeling insecure about their safety.  When people come with peaceful solutions, back them off, give them as answer that they do not understand what is really happening. 

5. Tell the people that they have the right to defend theirselves. Point at the constiturion in what is is mentioned as one of the basical rights.  Do not point them at the other commandments, such as that the country is free for every one to live in, no racism is allowed and that the law is to be followed by all citicens.

6.Let politicans do their job. Allow them to do anything but restricting the production of weapons. Sell the weapons to every person that want one. To protect themselves. Don't tell them that allowing them to have a weapon, that that makes them potential killers.  You can kill much more easy when you have the weapons for it .When a governments member protest, threathen them with cutting off the money that made them live in luxury

7.Sell the weapons to everybody who wants to have it. For this exception you not use 'the wall' around your country. You sell them to everyone who wants to protect himself and, when they have the weapons, with what they will kill  their opponents (who you can provide the weapons as well, for their own safety)

8. Give peace no chance.
Allow the people to protest against the violence. Let the politicians promise more security. Take care that they promote the use of weapons, but don't mention that words. Point at the commandments and let the people believe the propaganda.

9. Use the press smartly.
Show 'the tv watchers'  what you want them to see. Show them how 'black people'  are killed by police weapons.  Forget to tell about the white people that shoot down schools. And if you have to tell such, tell then that it was a religion-delict. Normal people don't do that, label the ones who do it, be creative

10.  Let the people choose a government.
Give the people the idea that they can make things better. Let them choose between a  person who is full of corruptnes and a person who is full of populism and racism.
Make the people believe that the new president will change the home country. Finally, it is about time.
Make sure that the promises are so that they are forgotten in a few years again, so that the same promises can be made again by different persons.

Meanwhile sell your weapons. Money is at least where it is about. Humans are laughable, not profitable and only a mean to get to the targets.

Well... NOT WITH ME!
I will fight, as long as I can, and NEVER agree with any form of violence.  I believe in love, and peace. Give it a chance! Transform the weapon industry. Let them sell roses instead!

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