Montag, 27. Juli 2015

To like or not to like

We all know that, since the introduction of  Facebook, that a few words have got a different meaning, and that it is difficult for some people to see the border.

Friends on Facebook are not always friends in the name of how the word is meant. Friends are not just numbers, in my eyes, friends are people with a life, with who you get a connection.
I personally have a handful of friends. On Facebook I have over 250. And how many of them do I relate as real friends?
Okay, I must be fair, I have a lot of people that I know for over 10 years, that I consider as friends in that we share a part of our life, and a part not. Friends that know all of me are a handful, hey I repeat myself.
But I want to make it clear that it is important (for me) to make a differences.

That is one of the reasons that I do not care too much about a friend more or less. In Germany they say, man muss Reisenden nicht aufhalten, also, who wants to travel, you should let them go. And so it will be, that gives rest.
(so far the theory!)

Another thing that is typical for social media, especially Facebook is the 'likes' / Gefällt mir/ vind ik leuk.
The idea is that you get as many people pressing the thumb up, (like), the counter shows then the popularity of the item you posted.
There are many people that do everythng to get more 'likes'  There is even a market (at ebay and so) about buying likes, with what your page, or message gets more of them.

The methods are different. You can post something and wait until others react, (my way)
you can buy them or you can share your item, photo, with people so that they and their firends can see it again and also have the chance to like it all.
Some people need them. I always wonder why, and with observing behavior I think that mosst of the people who need many 'likes'  (and ask for it, with tags  and all), are looking for a kind of attention that they can not find in their real life. And what is better then have 'friends'  who 'like'  what you are doing.
The word 'like'  is as well heavy under attack.
In Facebook a like is a kuddo. Just a hit at the button. Easy to do, easy to forget.
fWhen I like what someone is doing I take the time to write a few words, that I realy do mean. I do that as well with posts that I do NOT like.
Maybe some friends don't like such behavior, but the friends who do so, they can stay in my friends list. Even when Facebook, one day, will close :-)

Oh, by the way, this picture got in a group 180 likes in 24 hours. I do hope I can get 200 likes for this photo :-)   I am soooo exited :) 

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