Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2015

The Amen word

Facebook addicteds will recognize the countless photographs, for some reason often called memes, with the text on it, or added to it,

Can I get an Amen?

Often next to it is asked for a great number of likes and shares.

It gets irritating to see that all the time again, but maybe it is only because I don't understand it.

Long ago, in the church, The Amen word was used at the end of a prayer,  collective symbol, something like that. Translated as, we agree with his words.

Nowadays, certain groups have discovered that they can use Facebook for their purposes. 
Racistc organisations like Britain first do the same. Like us, share, if you agree.

Sometimes the words written make sense. Mostly they are only partially what I think, also I can not agree with just one word, one click. 
I DON'T let myself be forced to agree with things that I am not fully agree with.

These Amen-pictures force people to agree with some words, mostly taken out of a larger essay.
Later, the shares and likes can be used for all kind of purposes.
Hey, this word did get a million likes, now let's act.

Do you know exactly who is behind those words? Whose ideas you Amen to? 

I don't. I want to know first who is telling things. And discuss, when needed.

An Amen is not a thing to throw around like sprouts. 
Such as being friends on facebook, not means that you are friends.
Or that a like at Facebook means that you like what is posted.

Say Amen, if you agree

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