Freitag, 6. November 2015



It is funny how people show theirselves, their narrow minds and what all.

Today the automatic robots from 'viewbug'  did spam my Facebook newslin again, with  that my picture has reiceived peers and likes.

As I was not home, this message did get its own life, a few people like it and there is one person what did give it a photo comment with Bäh.   It was not in the timeline anymore, but I found it in the mail.
Since December past year, when I spilled wine over her, she seems to have pleasure in bullying me.  Now that is not working, because I pretend to not see it, to not hear it and to not have it. I always am very nice to her, the word slime is approperiate in this.

So, having seen that comment, made me smile. Appearantly she can do better. Well, maybe that is true, it is a matter of taste what you photograph and where you publish it.
Next week we start with our photo sales. I look forward to it. And I also look forward to this person  to visit our stand. I am 100 per cent sure she will be there, and I know already the reactions that she might give.  I don't give a SHIT about it, I am prepared and I guess that that is more then she.

Never underestimate your enemy. Well, she's not my enemy. Maybe I am her enemy, but the other way around is not working. Why?  Because I don't want to spill time at jealous people :)

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