Donnerstag, 18. Juni 2015


Time for something personal again. And it is about the people at facebook.

It is not for fun that I say it, but I see that I am right in how I judge certain people. Let's talk about one, I call him for the ease H.

H did, long ago, own a group where I did participate. While I did like what was doine in the group, I got active and, as a consequence I did get friends with him.  Now you all should kow that I do not want the word friend being related to relative far away Facebook Friends.  Friends are a very small group intimate people, that Iknow and THAT are friends.  At Facebook the word friends is used different, so, I became a FB friend with this H

H did not show up much and a few people did put on nice initiatives to get the group running.
H did however post many things at his own profile, and the things I read there were not amusing me.  Encouraging hate messages against muslims and foreigners in general (armes deutschland,  Politik wache mal auf), were the slogans that we know out of the dark brown world. Blegh.  I did report a range of this messages and got partially success with getting them deleted.

Reading all this did decide me to take him out of my FB friends list. I do not want to be related to this kind of messages!
Time went by, we met a few times and after a few drinks and friendly hugs we became again FB Friends.  I did take care that none of my friends could see his messages and me as well.
Now H and I am in a nice group in what all the things that matter our city are discussed.
Now H is showing his horrible messages there as well.  I can not prevent to see none of them and I am glad that the administrator in that group is deleting the stuff.
The admin in that group, however, is, in my eyes, a toy for this H (and his friend). These two have realy weird ideas and it is hard to see such people so close, I mean, I meet them regurarily in town and I talk with them,  but I do NOT agree with their ideas, in no way!

I struggle at the moment in how to handle this further. I don't want to see his messages.  I don't want to get into discussion with him/them, but I can not let it go easily.
Should I put up a sign, like the 'no to racism'  picture as below, and encouraging responses in his crap?
Should I wait until the administrator did delete the crap, meanwhile feeling ashamed to know that guy and being part in the same group?
Should I quit the group?

I do not let myself being scared away by the brown scene.  I am not afraid. I told that to his friend and I tell that to H as well.  I shall not shut up.  But I shall not give them the fun that they can hit me on the head, saying, who is not with us, is against us.  No way baby.

So beware, all H's and other parrots of the world.  I might sit at the same table with you, drinking a beer, but when you raise your voice, I shalll respond.  I will not scream louder then you. There is no place in this world for your rotten words. Not now, not in the future.

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