Dienstag, 19. Mai 2015

Nothng new

There is nothing new, when there happens some drama at the social networks.  I am too long into them to be surprised by anythinig at all.

So, if people want to create a new group with the same intrest as other groups, they just should do.
They should not be surprised when they get some questions, like, do we need another group, what makes you different and so more.
But when people are young, and love the power of being a group owner, well, they should try it and they should not lt themself being tracked down with such questions.  It is not that I do not allow competition :-) We are all a big family, same intrests so we can live together. It is all in all a small world, sooner or later we meet each other, because of that similar intrest.
So, when people get upset from such questions, I think that it proves that they are not ready. Not ready for being administraotors, or not ready to start a new group.

For me it means that I stop having intrest in that group. They still can do what they want, I do not pay attention, so I might end in being just a number in the big book

Another typical thing from social media is profiling. People who feel themselves so wonderful and who take every chance to show it.  When someone writes that 'Edwin cannot dance'  then all the sudden the Edwin Fanclub stands up and beats down the person that tells this.  Not asking what is behind that thought. Okay, maybe it should not have been written, but it is, and when you realy respect others you can ask .. why.
Edwin himself uses his tactics again, what confirms again what a disgusting extremist he is.  He tells 'how can they say such when they don't know me'  and.. I did block that lady, soooo sorry that she did ccause trouble.
What a manipulator!  If he had guts he should have talked with that person, in public or in private chats. But no, Edwin chooses to tell it in public and this way he executes that person in public.  It is like being (digital) put for the fire batallion, the death penalty is said out about that person.  Bwha.  I should wish that he did block me again.  He once did, because I did tell that he has extreme right behavior, patriotism and nazism influences. He never did deny it, he just did block me and now somehow, the almighty leader did decide I am good enough. Well Edwin, what I wrote about you (what for I was banned from that group) still stays. I am more convinced of what I did wrote then!

You can read this, if you want, but I am pretty sure you won't.  Because this is not what maes you popular. :-)

Kindergerden for adults, it all is.

What did it bring me?  A poetry of sadness. Read it at Poetry in Emotion  May 2015.
Nice chats with a few people, who did think alike.  I am always pretty insecure, if I act too rude, I know myself,.  I need people to reflect to and I am so lucky that I have them.

Life is beautiful. Digital life as well. What is the difference anyway?  :-)

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