Mittwoch, 27. März 2013


What a BORING week it was.

I did catch that nasty flue that is swinging aaround over the world those days, and I must say that I am fed up with it, after a week. It took away not only my voice, but as welll all the energy as well. Consequently I have been forced to a kind of winter sleep the past week. Not that the world did miss me too much, but, fact is, I have been lower productive then I was planning to be. And I was less outside then I use to be. Okay, the temperature is still so low that it is better to extend the wintersleep to a spring sleep, but still, the idea to be locked up is not my kind of cake.  ha, don't talk about cake, even the COFFEE didnt taste for a couple of days :)

now, a week later and about 200 packages of tissues, I feel much beter. My voice is as if I did drink 10 bottles of finest whisky, and  I have the energy of a retired snai,  but.. I am back and definitly plannnng to make a nice walk tomorrow. No matter what the weather is. No matter what has to be done, shioppinng. It is that strange easter week here, with everyone in stress becuase of the extra days off. One advantage of the cold weather is that we shall be prevented from the smoke of burnt steaks, this easter. Every thing has its advantages, they say!

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