Sonntag, 19. November 2017

You are a true fan when ...

You are a true (queen) fan, when you respect  the will of your idols and their friends.

I had to think about that, when I read the article below,. All Queen fans are aware of the place where Freddie lived, in London, and many of them paid that place a visit. It is a wonderful place to be, and to remember our beloved Freddie.

I was there a few times as well. It is a fantastic house, huge, in summer you can hear the fountains in the ponds and, over the high wall, you can see the roof of the house where Freddie lived so many years.
A place to get silent, to remember all what our Idol meant, and still means for us.

Through the years, the  high wall around the place has become a 'cult' place for many Queen fans.
It started with a few beautiful wall arts, and soon people started to scribble things at the wall.
Now the ownder (Freddies ex girflfriend) did not like that and took several measures so that the people could not write so easy at the wall anymore.

You should think that people got the message, but no.  People invented new techniques to be able to write at the wall again, against the will of the people who live there.

Why are people doing this? What does it mean for you, to write things at a wall (ruining it, in fact), in the knowledge that it will be gone soon again and is unwanted?
I brought flowers with me, and a card. Got (of course) a photo at the green door, and that's it. We listened to the birds, to the water, the sound of the area,  and our thoughts were with Freddie.

I feel sometimes very ashamed for my fellow queen fans, who do only want to do their own thing, and who are blind for the wishes of others.  Most likely Freddie should not have liked this kind of things to happen either. And they should not, they are useless, cost a lot of money and a lot of frustration.

It remains a huge mystery to me, why (queen) fans need to ruin the property of other people!


  1. I agree with everything in this blog. It's quite selfish really and respectless to write on the door/wall, even pavement and the lightpoles! And for who? Selfsatisfaction and to let other fans read it... Amy Winehouse has an exhibition in a museum in Camden, there they made a messagewall with Postit notes. Nothing gets ruined and you still can leave a message for other fans and your own peace of mind. I think they should do that for Queen too. At least fans have a place to go and leave their message, and along the way the museum could make some money for the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

  2. I have visited three times and NEVER written anything. It goes against who I am, I don't scribble elsewhere either. I have found joy in reading though and feel a little sad that it's gone now, but I understand the people who live there. From now, I hope fans just visit for a moments reflection <3