Montag, 4. Oktober 2010

what the .....

Everything has its advantages

Being home alone, being my own boss, it's nice
Being home together, is nice as well, especially because it is lovely to see the hard working woman that I love so much next to me and relaxing a bit.

I dont mind that my days get less freedom than, such as today.
I was a large part of the afternoon in the kitchen, preparing chicken soup, pan cakes, cleaning.

And since the smell was a bit through the house I wasnt surprised to hear: shall we open some more windows?

I said, sure, go ahead, and went on with baking the pancakes.

But I did stop for a second when I heard the reaction..
O? Should I do it? Are you afraid of being overworked?

So pardon me, but that made me thinking.. what the ....................

Is it me? Or that time of the month again?

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